Our Focus

The focus of our grant-making combines criteria on the nature of the program, the geographic location, and the level of poverty.

Program Focus

Simply stated, the International Foundation funds grants in three key areas—health, education and incomes. However, each of these areas represents a range of investment opportunities that, if integrated with other program areas, can lead to broader, more balanced and more sustainable results. In any given program area, we fund approaches that focus on building local leadership, delivering measurable results, and ensuring the sustainability of program benefits over time.

Public Health:
Reproductive health and family planning, maternal and child health, nutrition, sanitation, and water for sanitation and health (WASH).

Literacy (including adult education), basic education (pre-K through secondary), information technology for livelihoods, and vocational skills — all in formal and non-formal settings

Agriculture, food security, environment and entrepreneurship


Geographic Focus

We fund programs in poor communities in developing countries, primarily in what is known as the Global South. This includes Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia (including West, Central and East Asia, as well as Oceania.) However, we will not support grant activity in these regions where natural disaster, active conflict or chronic instability are present.


Income Focus

We will generally limit our grants to projects carried out in low income, developing countries, with emphasis on the most vulnerable populations therein.