Our Approach

Philanthropic Strategy

The International Foundation’s philanthropic strategy is to work in collaboration with US-based non-profits to support activities that measurably improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in low-to-middle income countries around the world. Our strategy seeks change in the intermediate area between individuals and national organizations, where community members work together toward a shared vision. Grounded in an integrated set of program priorities, our strategy relies on the quality of planning, execution, and results assessment by our US-based 501(c)3 grantees.

Strategic Norms

  • The International Foundation makes one-year grants to US-based 501(c)3 organizations which partner with communities in the developing world for results that are measurable, with broad and lasting impact.
  • Our 501(c)3 grantees must hold a development vision as a framework for any charitable ends. They must demonstrate a deep understanding of the local context and what will or won’t work within it.
  • While grants are made for one year at a time, our grantees must view their engagement strategically as a multiyear process.
  • Our grantees must define their grant objectives in terms of projected outcomes that are quantified and measurable, and grant evaluations must report on such measures.
  • Our grantees also must see the participants in their grants as lead partners who themselves take responsibility for change. The role of women and girls in creating change is a priority.
  • Our review of grant proposals will include an intense, deliberative process that takes into consideration geographic location, degree of need, technical proposal appropriateness, and opportunity for high-impact results.
  • Our focus on sustainability concerns the ability of the grantee’s project to sustain the results of the project in the medium or even longer term without continued external assistance/involvement from the grantee.