Application Process & Materials

For eligible applicants, we ask that you follow this 4-step process. Once you complete Steps #1 and #2, review the questions in Step #3. When you are prepared to submit your online application, be sure to have the PDF documents listed in Step #4 ready as attachments.

Step 1: Prepare Project Planning Framework
A project planning framework helps you set the measurable outcomes, outputs and inputs to reach the project goal(s) and prompts you to identify key indicators, means of verification and assumptions. For “how-to” guidance visit:


  • Download the project planning framework model, complete and save it, then upload it when you apply online.

Download Planning Framework

Step 2: Prepare Budget
A clear project budget identifies your project expenses—both overseas and home office. It should also identify all revenue sources for the project, showing that they balance project expenses.


  • Download the budget request model, complete and save it, then upload it when you apply online.

Download Budget Model

Step 3: Preview Proposal Questions
Our online application has a series of narrative questions that include a description of the project, organizational capabilities, evaluation strategy, and partner organizations. It is strongly recommended that you preview our list of questions and prepare your answers before you start the online Application.


  • Download the questions for preview, prepare your answers and have them available when you apply online.

Download Questions for Preview

Step 4: Complete the Online Application
When you are ready to start the online application, be sure to have the following PDF documents ready for upload:

  • Project Planning Framework
  • Grant Budget Request
  • Copy of IRS tax-exempt status
  • Cover page of latest IRS-990 or equivalent
  • Most recent audited Financial Statement


  • Follow the link below to start an application.

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